Heat networks and building assessment reports

Heat networks

A heat network is a network which distributes heat from a central source to multiple buildings. Heat networks currently supply approximately 1.18 TWh of heat to buildings across Scotland. The Scottish Government has set a target of increasing this to 2.6 TWh by 2027 and 6 TWh by 2030.

Heat networks in Scotland are regulated by the Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021 and the Heat Networks (Heat Network Zones and Building Assessment Reports) (Scotland) Regulations 2023. The Heat Networks Delivery Plan sets out how heat networks are to be delivered in Scotland.

There are dozens of existing heat networks in Edinburgh with several more currently in development. In November 2023, we appointed Vattenfall Heat UK Ltd to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain a heat network serving the Granton Waterfront of Edinburgh under a concession model.

We are carrying out work to identify Heat Network Zones in Edinburgh. Once these zones have been agreed, suppliers will be awarded permits giving them the exclusive right to develop and operate new heat networks in each Zone. Suppliers will also require consent, a licence, and any relevant planning permissions to develop and operate a heat network. Further information on Heat Network Zones in Edinburgh is set out in the emerging Edinburgh Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES).

The national Heat Network Support Unit can provide support for heat network projects in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland.

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