Report a full or overflowing communal bin

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Before reporting a bin as full, please note

On Tuesday 26 October, there are some delays to communal collections that may mean your bins are fuller than normal, but we are aware of these and will empty them as soon as we can:

  • Mixed Recycling route delayed in Greenbank and Frogston 
  • Food Recycling route delayed in Granton, Newhaven, Ferry Road  and Canonmills

If your nearest bin is full please use another one nearby or store your waste until we can empty your bins.  Don’t leave any waste beside the bins.

On Tuesday 26 October, there are no delays to communal collections.

You can help avoid delays and missed bins by not:            

  • parking in front of bins as it means we can't empty them
  • blocking access to streets for our bin trucks

Report a full or overflowing communal bin

You can use this form to report a full or overflowing communal bin that is shared between several homes.

This form should not be used to report overflowing litter bins, or bulky waste such as a mattress or sofa dumped beside bins because this is fly-tipping.

For overflowing litter bins or fly-tipping, please report using the form below.

Report fly-tipping or overflowing litter bins

For issues check our help page or email customer care.

Approaching our crew

If you see our crews in the street please keep a safe distance from them of at least two metres. This is to protect them and you. Visit the Scottish Government’s website for advice on social distancing.

Overflowing individual wheelie bins

We don't collect rubbish left beside individual wheelie bins, as explained in our waste and cleansing policies.