Benefits and debt advice

Help with gas and electricity costs

If you are concerned with paying your bills

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills then it is best to contact your supplier to ask for help to meet costs or arrange pre-payments. Make sure your supplier knows if anyone in your household is vulnerable such as

  • elderly
  • very young 
  • living with a chronic health condition

Some energy companies can make special arrangements if you are struggling. For example, Scottish Gas has help if you are stuggling to pay for your energy and Scottish Power has a hardship fund to help out customers.

If you are being pursued for debt to an energy supplier then you can contact Changeworks on 0131 555 4010 or email

You can also contact the Advice Shop for assistance if the debt is unmanageable.

Priority household

If you are a priority household such as  elderly, with young children or have a disability or serious health condition. You can register as a priority household to ensure that you get swift assistance if there’s a problem with energy supply.

Call 0330 10 10 167 or email

You can find out more online Or text PSR to 6199


Changeworks are able to provide expert advice on getting the right supplier and reasonable fuel costs. Contact their Home Energy Scotland advice line on 0808 808 2282

Find out about Changeworks and what they do on their website which has information and guidance on all aspects of fuel supplies.

Winter Heating Payment

Winter Heating Payment is replacing the Cold Weather Payment in Scotland. If you qualify you could get £55.05 paid automatically once a year to help with your energy bills in winter. Payment for the 2023 to 2024 period will begin from the middle of December, you will receive a letter from Social Security Scotland before they make the payment

Check if you are eligible for the Winter Heating Payment in Scotland 

Help with fuel bills and tips for savings

There is a range of helpful information on the Money Saving Expert website where you can learn about reducing costs for gas and electricity as well as other services like broadband and mobile phones.

Also, Home Energy Scotland is a useful agency that can help access grants and provide support on how to many costs for all home energy needs.

Energy efficiency, draughts and insulation

Lots of Edinburgh’s homes are not as warm as they should be so could do with improvements to make them more energy efficient, reduce draughts or keep the warmth in.

Changeworks provide some excellent services such as

Contact Changeworks on 0131 555 4010 or email

Agencies who need assistance for their clients can find out about the Changeworks referral pathway for fuel poverty services.

Home Energy Scotland can also provide helpful information and support for these matters.

Apply for energy bill support if you do not get it automatically

Most households in England, Scotland and Wales get a £400 discount on their energy bills automatically. In some cases, you do not get the discount automatically.

Apply for support with energy bills