Apply for free school transport

We provide free transport to and from school for pupils if they are attending their catchment school and the distance of their main residence from school is over

  • two miles for primary school
  • three miles for secondary school.

Please follow the link here to Google maps to check the distance between the child's home address and the school address. You will need to enter the total number of miles into the form so please keep a note of it. We also provide transport if you live within these limits and your child has a medical condition that prevents them from walking to school.

We do not consider parents' income, health or circumstances.

If you have chosen to move your child to a non-catchment school or you move out of the catchment area, you are responsible for travel arrangements.

The deadline for applications is 25 May 2022. You are still able to complete the application form below after this date, however, it will be dealt with after all other applications submitted prior to the deadline are completely processed, and therefore we cannot guarantee that travel arrangements will be organised by the start of the new school year.

Apply for free school transport

Download guidance documents - DOCX and PDFs

If you are unable to complete the online form, then paper forms can be requested from the Travel Hub or your child’s school and then emailed or posted into the Travel Hub.

If you have been provided with a bus pass for a private contracted coach and you have lost or damaged the card, then please download the replacement bus pass form from the list of documents above. This option also comes with a charge of £10 which will need to be paid before the new pass is requested.


You must send in a new form for each school session. The forms for the next session will be available in March. You must send in your form by 1 July. Forms received after April may not be processed in time for the start of the new school term.

Your child can only use school transport between their main residence and school.


We work out the shortest safe walking route from your house to the nearest school entrance.

We only consider routes that are well lit and have pavements throughout.

We take advice from the police and qualified road safety practitioners in finding what is a safe walking route.

If you disagree with our measurement, you can request a map from us that will show you the safe walking route that we have measured. 

You person's free bus travel scheme

The Scottish Government has announced plans to begin or start the new Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme from 31 January 2022.

930,000 young people across Scotland will benefit the new scheme which will allow more sustainable travel behaviours from a young age.

Public bus passes will therefore no longer be provided under school transport from August 2022.

For more information on how to apply please go to our young person's free bus travel scheme page.

Travel Hub

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You can find COVID-19 guidance on reducing the risks in schools on the Scottish Government website.

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Download guidance for parents and carers on school transport (PDF).