Placing in schools appeal

Appeal a refused school placing request

If your school placing request was turned down, you can appeal the decision. Your appeal will be heard by an independent appeal committee who will consider your request. If there is extra information that you want the appeal committee to know, you can send this to us after you have submitted your appeal request.

Appeal a turned down school placing request

Before you submit an appeal

You need to have received a decision letter from us before you can appeal. It is important that you submit your appeal within 28 days of receiving your letter. Please remember that you can only appeal once a year. 

Read about how to appeal on the Scottish Government website. 

After you submit an appeal 

After you have submitted the form, we will get in touch about the arrangements to have your appeal heard. We will tell you the date of your hearing once this has been arranged. 

Confirmed appeal dates

The timetable is subject to change depending on children being placed prior to an appeal being heard and additional schools may be heard in their place.

If your school is not listed and we have been unable to hear additional schools within the current timetable then your appeals will be heard from 5 June onwards and a new timetable provided.

Download the annual placing appeals meeting timetable

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