Attending Committee

The petitioner will usually be invited to appear before the Committee to speak in support of the petition. You would be asked to appear if we think it would help to reach a decision. We will invite you to speak for up to 10 minutes. Your supporter can speak on your behalf if necessary. We may ask you questions.

You should say on the petition form whether or not you would like the opportunity to make a statement before the Committee. We will give you 10 working days notice of the meeting at which your petition is likely to be considered. We will write to you with the meeting date and time. 

What to do when you arrive

You should report to reception at the City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ. Reception staff will take your name and petition details and direct you to the meeting room. Anyone with you should also sign in.

Members of the Committee and Council staff will be in the meeting room. We will give you an agenda for the meeting. Everyone at the meeting will have a nameplate so that you know who's who.

Ward Councillor representation

Your petition may refer to a specific area of the city. If so, Councillors for this ward will be told of the petition meeting. They will have the opportunity to speak following your own submission.

The representation made by a ward Councillor may not be in direct support of your petition.

Open public meetings

Meetings are open to the public. But we can ask members of the press and public to leave. We will do this when we think an item should be confidential.

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Petitions Officer

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