Petitions criteria

Petitions must be from an individual or on behalf of a business.

You must include

  • your name, address, phone number and email address
  • what you have already done to try and settle the matter
  • the names of any other people involved in creating the petition
  • the issue you are concerned about and what you want us to do.

You can provide extra details to support the petition.

When you submit a petition, the public will be able to view it on our website. Once we are sure that it meets our rules, your petition will be made available for people to sign. You should take care not to include any details or signatures that you would not wish to be publicly available.

We will not accept a petition that relates to

  • a decision of the Council or a committee within the previous six month period
  • a matter that is commercially sensitive, confidential or could cause personal distress or loss
  • a matter already being considered or scheduled to be considered by the Council or a committee
  • planning, licensing or other matters where objections and appeals against decisions are dealt with by another process.

We will not accept a petition that contains

  • false or defamatory statements
  • offensive or inappropriate language
  • names of people or details that could be used to identify a person
  • information protected by a court order or relating to an ongoing court case
  • details that could damage a person's reputation or discriminate against them.

We will not accept a petition that is

  • not within the Council's powers and remit
  • the same or very similar to petitions considered within the past 24 months.

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Petitions Officer

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