A way to get involved

Taking part in a petition is one way to get involved in what the Council does. It gives Councillors a chance to consider an informed debate and the need for change. An individual or a business can start a petition to raise an issue of public concern.  A community group or organisation can also do this, through an individual acting on their behalf. 

Through our website, you can

Before you start a petition, you should read the criteria on the next page and download the guidance below. Only those that meet the rules will be considered.

Level of support

The Council and its Committee's consider petitions from members of the public or local businesses.

A petition by an individual will be looked at if it is supported by at least 200 people. All must live in the City of Edinburgh Council area and be over the age of 16 years. Should the matter be considered a local issue or if it relates to a community of interest it will be looked at if it is supported by at least 50 people.

A petition by a business must have the support of 20 businesses on the valuation roll.


The views expressed in the petitions do not necessarily reflect those of the City of Edinburgh Council. The City of Edinburgh Council will assess petitions based on the criteria set out in the Petitions Guidance but may not substantiate all claims detailed in a petition. The Council will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising in any way from the use of, or reliance on the contents of, the Council's e-petition web pages. The Council accepts both paper and electronic petitions from the public but does not promote or discourage them. Petition organisers are responsible for publicising any petition they wish to organise.

Read our privacy policy to find out what we do with your data.

Download Petitions Guidance (PDF, 243.97KB) 

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