Developing the LEZ

You said, we did

We carefully considered all the feedback and evidence we gathered through the consultations. Significant changes to the LEZ Scheme could not be justified, but we have addressed these concerns during the consultation:

  • displacement (traffic and air quality) impacts - we developed a 'network management strategy' and we willcontinue to engaged with key stakeholders throughout as we install the LEZ
  • financial impacts on low-income households and micro-businesses – we have dedicated webpages on funding available and our communications campaign activity will focus on making sure people know what funds are available and how to apply for them
  • local exemptions - we have a dedicated webpage explaining that there are national exemptions in place, alongside a process in which we will consider requests for local exemptions.

Stakeholder engagement

Throughout the develeopment of the LEZ we consulted and engaged with these key stakeholder groups:

  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • NHS Lothian
  • Nature Scot
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • neighbouring local authorities (SEStran)
  • community councils
  • Representatives of
    • road haulage industry
    • bus and coach industry
    • taxi and private hire car industry
    • local businesses and drivers
    • people living, visiting, and/or working in Edinburgh.

Engagement with key stakeholders will continue until enforcement begins on 1 June 2024.