Buildings affected

Last updated 11 March 2024

About RAAC

Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) is a lightweight construction material that was used in the construction of some public buildings between the 1950s and 1990s. It was mostly in flat roofing. Despite its name, it is very different to traditional concrete. It is aerated, or ‘bubbly’, and is therefore less durable than traditional concrete.

RAAC can be susceptible to failure. As a result UK Government has issued guidance to organisations across the UK to carry out building checks where RAAC may have been used.

RAAC in some of our facilities

Blackhall Library

Investigations have confirmed the entire roof of the building is constructed from RAAC. We need to undertake more works to support detailed surveys and the library will remain closed during this period. Our mobile library is providing services in the car park of Davidson Mains Church and we have alternative arrangements in place for some of our other services. You can find details

Both will be updated as any arrangements change.

Jack Kane Centre

A small amount of RAAC has been found in a cleaning cupboard and stairwell. As a precautionary measure the area has been isolated but there is no impact on the centre's operation.


Since March 2023, we have been inspecting our schools to check for RAAC. The work is being carried out in line with UK Government advice. We have contracted independent structural engineers to do the surveys.

No schools have had to close as a result of RAAC. 

These are the schools affected and the mitigations that are in place (as at 20 December 2023)

  • Colinton Primary School
    • no impact on the school
  • Cramond Primary School
    • one classroom block is closed
    • temporary classroom units on site
  • Currie Community High School
    • old gym block, assembly hall and an art classroom are closed
    • newer gym block still in use, some gym classes taking place outdoors
    • assemblies online
  • Fox Covert/St Andrew's RC Primary School
    • no impact on school following remedial works 
  • Lorne Primary School
    • no impact on school
  • Pentland Primary School
    • kitchen and supporting areas not in use
  • Trinity Academy swimming pool
    • no impact as building has been closed since 2014
  • Trinity Primary School
    • a classroom area and kitchen not in use
    • temporary classrooms on site

Council homes

RAAC is present in 44 council homes and survey work is underway to assess the condition of these properties. We’ve written to affected tenants to explain the situation and next steps.