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From August 2020 funded early learning and childcare is changing from 600 hours to 1,140 hours per year for children who are aged 3 or 4 as well as some 2-year olds whose parents or carers are on certain benefits. 

From August 2019, we have over 100 settings offering 1,140 hours. Our other settings offer 600 hours.

You can get your funded hours in any local authority or partner provider setting.

Our nurseries focus on quality indoor and outdoor learning and learning through play.

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Download a print-friendly list of council and partner provide centres (PDF, 353 KB)

How you can use your hours

You can use your funded childcare with one of the following models. Not all nurseries offer all models.  

Download the list of models for each nursery (PDF).

600 hours – Term time only

  • Five sessions, am or pm, 3 hours 12 minutes per day
  • Four sessions, am or pm, 4 hours per day
  • Two 8-hour sessions.

1140 hours

  • Five sessions, Term Time 6 hours per day
  • Five sessions, all year, am or pm, 4 hours 32 minutes
  • Two ten-hour days and 12 additional ten-hour days to take on Fridays through the year, known as ‘flexi Fridays’
  • Using 600 hours in a nursery and 540 hours with a partner childminder or forest kindergarten, known as a ‘blended model’.

Non-partner providers

Other childcare options include

  • childminders
  • creches
  • voluntary and private sector nurseries
  • playgroups
  • breakfast clubs and after school clubs

Find non-partner childcare on the Scottish Family Information Service