Edinburgh City Archives

Searchroom regulations

The materials held in this repository are unique and irreplaceable. We ask you to follow these regulations to ensure that the archives survive for future generations.


  • All readers must fill out a reader registration form when they visit the searchroom. By completing the form, you are agreeing to these regulations and our handling guidelines.
  • New readers may be asked to provide some form of identification, especially if they are accessing closed collections with the permission of the depositor.
  • Bags, coats, folders etc. need to be stored in the lockers provided, before you are able to view records.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the searchroom. Smoking and vaping are also prohibited.
  • Pencils must be used instead of pens. You may use laptops and other personal digital devices if they are switched to ‘silent mode’. You can use our public WIFI.
  • Please keep noise levels to a minimum while in the searchroom. Any individuals causing a disturbance may be asked to leave by the archivist on duty.
  • All archive items must viewed in the searchroom. No item is to be removed from the searchroom without the express permission of a member of staff.
  • Please handle all items consulted with care and follow our handling guidelines. A maximum of three items may be viewed at any one time.
  • You should fill out one production slip per item. Staff will then retrieve the items requested. Please keep the blue production slips with the items.
  • Some collections are subject to closure due to their sensitivity. Staff will let you know if this applies to any of the items you have requested. They will also advise on what the process would be to gain access if it is still required. However, staff reserve the right to refuse access to items in such instances.
  • You must comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 when collecting and using any personal data contained within archive items you viewed. This includes making sure that the results of your research do not identify living individuals without their consent or an appropriate exemption.
  • You may take images yourself, but please ask staff for permission first. Please make sure that your flash is off. Taking your own photographs is currently free of charge.