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How to find records we hold

We do not have an online catalogue of all our records.

Scottish Archive Network (SCAN)

Search top level description online to find the type of records in a collection, the start and end dates.

  1. Into the Archives Reference field, type ''gb236'' and click search
  2. In the list which appears, click on a Reference code, in blue on the left
  3. Read the top-level description for that collection.

You can also search by using key words to find records from any collection.

Search in SCAN catalogue

Lothian and Borders Police catalogue

Lothian and Border Police records are a large collection containing many historically significant records for Lothian and Borders Police force as well as City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian, Mid-Lothian, and Leith Police forces.

Download SL260 Records of Lothian and Borders Police (PDF)

Search room

Find item-level catalogues for our collections by visiting our search room.

General and name indexes

These will tell you the titles, reference numbers and dates for our collections.

The guides are there only to help you take the first steps in researching your chosen subject. After this you will probably need to move on to look at our catalogues to narrow your search more.

We also have some indexes to help you find individuals within our collections. Each one explains which records are included and what they might tell you. These can be helpful if you are interested in family or local history. 

Subject guides

We have produced a number of guides to help you with a few of the more popular topics of research - family, buildings and business history. These list and summarise the varied kinds of records we hold which may be relevant to your research on one of the topics. 

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