Report litter, fly tipping or overflowing bin

Litter includes any debris, rubbish, waste or discarded items left lying in an open or public place.

Report litter, fly tipping or an overflowing litter bin

Communal household waste bins are a different service, and you need to report these separately.

Report a full or overflowing communal household bin

We don't collect extra rubbish beside household bins or empty overfilled bins when the lid can't be easily shut. See our extra waste policy for further information.

You don't have to use myaccount, but if you want to keep track of your request, you'll need to register with mygovscot myaccount..


Dropping litter is an offence in Scotland. Anyone dropping litter could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. If this is not paid a report will be sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

A street litter control notice may sometimes be used to ensure the owner of a premises keeps an area around their premises clear of litter.

A litter control area can be declared if private land is badly littered and the public have access, for example, a shopping centre car park. This means the owner or person using the land has a duty to clear the land and keep it free of litter.