Granton Waterfront

A new coastal town for Scotland’s capital city

Granton Waterfront sits just three miles north of the city centre, in a ‘necklace’ of coastal communities from Cramond in the west to Portobello in the east. It is one of Scotland’s largest brownfield sites set on a dramatic urban coastal green space.

Our goal is to create sustainable growth and help Edinburgh become a greener, fairer economy. Granton Waterfront will be the blueprint in urban development and regeneration for Scotland. High quality design and place-making principles have been used to develop a framework for how Granton could look in the future.

So far, along with our partners, we’ve invested over £250 million in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Our plan is to deliver

  • around 3,500 new net zero carbon homes
  • business start- up space and commercial opportunities
  • Europe’s largest coastal park through creating new and enhanced green spaces
  • creative arts, culture and leisure space
  • key services including a school and health centre.
Illustration of Granton waterfront from the sea

Granton Waterfront Prospectus

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Visualisation of Granton Waterfront development

Granton Development Framework

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Granton Waterfront Team

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