Electric vehicle charging points

Reporting charging point and billing issues

Reporting an issue with a charging point

You can report an issue with a charging point by calling ChargePlace Scotland on 0141 648 0750 quoting the charge point ID number. You can also report an issue with a charger to ChargePlace Scotland using their online form.

ChargePlace Scotland will log the charging point fault in their system and notify the owner and charging point manufacturer. ChargePlace Scotland do not own any charging points on the network and are not responsible for repairs and maintenance.

Reporting a billing issue

You may notice additional costs/errors on your ChargePlace Scotland account before you receive your monthly invoice. These are usually fixed by ChargePlace Scotland, and your monthly invoice will be updated to show this.

We can only look into your billing query once you have received your monthly invoice from ChargePlace Scotland, so please wait until you receive this before emailing us.

If you still have questions about your ChargePlace Scotland billing/invoice, email us at electricvehicles.billing@edinburgh.gov.uk. So we can look into your query, please tell us

  • ChargePlace Scotland account holder name
  • email address
  • account/RFID card number
  • invoice number (please provide a copy of your invoice if possible)
  • charge point location and ID number
  • charging session details (date/time).

You can also contact ChargePlace Scotland for any account/billing issues by calling 0141 648 0750 or by emailing admin@chargeplacescotland.org.

Billing enquiries

Electric vehicle billing enquiries