Electric vehicle charging points

Charging costs, how to pay and conditions of use

Charging points are owned by different organisations and so costs vary. You should check the owner’s website and local signage for costs. You can check the ChargePlace Scotland or ZapMap websites for the latest charging costs.

For our charging points, costs (tariffs), maximum stay periods and penalties are clearly displayed on each charging point and the ChargePlace Scotland app. We review these tariffs and maximum stay periods every year.

Standard 7kW charger

  • £0.45 per kWh (kWh represents the amount of power drawn over time)
  • maximum stay of 12 hours
  • £30 overstay penalty after 12 hours
  • no return within 4 hours

Fast 22kW charger

  • £0.50 per kWh (kWh represents the amount of power drawn over time)
  • maximum stay of 3 hours
  • £30 overstay penalty after 3 hours between 8am and 8pm
    • if you plug your vehicle in before 8pm you must unplug it 3 hours later. For example if you plug it in at 7:59pm, you must unplug it by 10:59pm to avoid an overstay penalty, if you plug your vehicle in after 8pm, you can charge overnight, but you must unplug it before 8am the next day to avoid an overstay penalty
  • no return within 4 hours

Rapid 50kW charger

  • £0.55 per kWh (kWh represents the amount of power drawn over time)
  • maximum stay of 1 hour for all connector types
  • £30 overstay penalty after 1 hour
  • no return within 4 hours

There is a minimum charge of £1 for all types of charging points.

Our tariffs are based on the type of charging point. The amount of power your vehicle can receive from our charging points will vary depending on the make/model of your vehicle.


You can only use a charging bay to charge an electric vehicle. You do not have to pay for parking if you are using a charging point. If your vehicle is parked in a charging bay and not plugged in, you will receive a parking ticket.

You must move your electric vehicle before the maximum stay period is exceeded, regardless of the level of charge your vehicle has received from the charger. If you do not, you will be charged a £30 overstay penalty. ChargePlace Scotland manages the maximum stay periods and overstay penalties for us.

You cannot return to a charging bay within four hours. If you do, you may receive a parking ticket.

We also have charging points that are reserved for car club vehicles only. If you are not a member of the car club, you cannot use these chargers. If you park in these car club bays you will receive a parking ticket.

How to pay

You can pay for charging by registering as a ChargePlace Scotland member. Once registered you can

  • order an RFID card to start and end a charging session
  • use the ChargePlace Scotland app to start and end a charging session without an RFID card
  • use the app to check nearby charging points including the type, charging costs and availability.

You can find out more about accounts and payments by visiting the ChargePlace Scotland website.

Pay as you go

You can also pay for charging by using ChargePlace Scotland’s pay as you go service, WebPay. This allows you to use a debit or credit card without registering as a member and is available on all of our charging points.

Some of our 50kW rapid chargers also offer a pay as you go service using contactless payments with your debit or credit card, or mobile device. If you use our contactless payment service, you may see a payment hold on your account. Once your charging session has ended this will be updated to the final cost of your charging session.


Billing enquiries

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