Report abuse or leave your home

It is your right to report an abusive partner or ex-partner to the police. You and your children may be safer as a result.

If you are frightened or in danger phone


You should think about contacting the police if your partner

  • has assaulted you
  • is harassing you
  • has broken a court order such as an interdict
  • has broken the terms of bail by contacting or approaching you.

Homelessness and money

If you worry about becoming homeless, we can help you to find emergency housing.

The Shelter Scotland website has advice on domestic abuse and homelessness.

Find advice on welfare benefits and money matters from our Advice Shop.

Legal help

You can use the law to protect yourself and your children. You have to apply to court for an order. Any of the organisations below can help you get legal advice. Your partner or ex-partner may be arrested and have to go to court if an order is broken.

The three types of orders most often used are

  • exclusion order – when your partner can’t enter your home
  • interdict – gives your partner rules about contacting you or your family
  • non-harassment order – stops a person from harassing or stalking you.

It is useful to have as much evidence as possible. You should write down the names of people you have told about the abuse. This might be family members, your doctor or health visitor or a support worker. You don’t need to have reported the abuse to the police, but this can be very helpful.

You may also want to get legal advice about protecting your children.

Edinburgh Women's AidMen's Advice Line or the Scottish Women's Rights Centre can help.

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