Conservation areas

Conservation areas have special architectural or historic interest. There are 50 in Edinburgh and the Council must protect these areas. There are extra rules to control building work. See our map of conservation areas.

If you live within a conservation area and plan to carry out work on your property please ensure you have first read our guidance on carrying out work within conservation areas.

The guidelines and strategy for Edinburgh's built heritage provides guidance on the protection of the built heritage and gives an overview of our aims.

Character appraisals

The character appraisals explain the special interest of Edinburgh's conservation areas. See our list of character appraisals for further information.

Management plans

Conservation area management plans include more information to help protect conservation areas. The two management plans are for the Leith and Inverleith conservation areas. 

Thematic studies

Thematic studies review particular aspects of Edinburgh's built heritage. Edinburgh's post war listed buildings look at the best of the city's more recent architectural heritage. Pre 1750 buildings in Edinburgh Old Town is a compendium of early buildings in the Old Town conservation area.

Download conservation area thematic studies - PDFs