Edinburgh's net zero target

Helping Edinburgh reach net zero

As an organisation, we are responsible for around just three percent of the city’s emissions. We have committed to reducing our emissions to net zero by 2030.

However, we also have a key role to play in supporting Edinburgh meet its city-wide net zero target. We can help to

  • build relationships and encourage partnerships which work on reducing emissions
  • use planning and other regulatory levers to support reductions in emissions and the creation of a city which is better prepared for climate change
  • invest in and support the delivery of infrastructure such as walking, cycling and wheeling routes, public transport and the upgrading of buildings, schools and housing to help cut emissions
  • invest in renewable energies
  • lobby for change as the capital of Scotland and a major UK city.

Ways we are supporting city climate targets

Granton Waterfront is Edinburgh’s largest net zero redevelopment which is

  • piloting off-site construction to help cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • building energy efficient, net zero carbon homes
  • creating a district heating system and energy generation opportunities
  • developing a coastal park to reduce flood risk and encourage plants and wildlife to flourish

Find out more about the Granton Waterfront development

We are also

  • making Council houses and buildings more energy efficient and ready for the impacts of climate change
  • improving our parks, playparks, food growing and urban forests which includes the One Million trees initiative and planting wee forests across the city
  • upgrading our street lighting to energy efficient LED lights
  • improving public transport links across the city through projects like Trams to Newhaven.

Find out more about what other groups and organisations in the city are doing and how you can get involved