Edinburgh's net zero target

Becoming a net zero Council

We want to become a net zero organisation by 2030.

As a key employer in Edinburgh, and a founding signatory of the Edinburgh Climate Compact, we want to make changes to the way we work as a Council to lead by example and help cut the city's emissions.

Our Council Emissions Reduction Plan outlines the first steps we are taking to get to net zero. This is through the way we work and travel, our buildings and our influence and leadership.

We have already

  • started upgrading our public buildings
  • committed to no longer developing public buildings with gas boilers that will need upgraded
  • replaced over 200 council vehicles with lower emissions models
  • committed to all new council buildings to being built to Passivhaus standard
  • made changes to the way we buy goods and services, and who we buy from, to make sure we are as sustainable as possible
  • improved the support to colleagues to help them make more sustainable choices in their personal and professional lives.

Track our progress to net zero