City centre transformation

Why it is important to plan our city centre

As set out in our City Mobility Plan 2030, we are facing a rapidly growing population and unsustainable levels of private car use which are increasing demand on our limited street space. These result in

  • congestion
  • delays to public transport
  • poor air quality
  • challenging conditions for walking and cycling.

We want to make the city centre safer, more accessible and welcoming for everyone. By creating better public spaces, and reducing through traffic and uncontrolled parking, we will

  • make it easier and safer for walking, wheeling or cycling 
  • improve pedestrian safety during the city’s busiest periods 
  • support a more connected, reliable and efficient public transport system across the city, including an expanded tram network 
  • make the city centre a more pleasant place to spend time in.

You can read more about why we need to change in our City Mobility Plan.

The City Mobility Plan love heart with travel options

City Mobility Plan

Find out more about how we are taking on the challenges of climate change, poverty, exclusion, inequality, and improving safety, health and wellbeing.

Read our City Mobility Plan