View or comment on traffic orders

The Council promote a range of different road orders. Those orders help us manage how our roads are used and managed. The measures covered by those orders are

  • parking controls - for example, yellow lines and parking places
  • moving traffic - for example, speed limits, bus lanes and one way streets
  • changing how the road is used - for example, footway, carriageway and cycle track
  • temporary measures for roadworks and public safety.

Covid-19 update

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Council has taken the decision not to erect street notices related to current orders. Our Council offices are currently closed to the public therefore it is no longer possible for us to comply with legal requirements to place documents available for inspection at Waverley Court.

The Scottish Government has introduced temporary legislation related to Coronavirus in Scotland which removes these requirements on the basis that doing so will help avoid spreading the virus. The legislation does encourage Councils to make other arrangements where practicable.

During the Coronavirus, we will give information of all roads orders being promoted. We will also provide details of all current temporary traffic regulation orders, covering roadworks as well as temporary measures put in place to assist with social distancing.

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