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Refer an adult to Social Care Direct

Due to COVID-19, the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership is providing a crisis response only, to adults. This is to ensure that we prioritise

  • Adult Protection concerns
  • hospital discharge
  • prevention of admission
  • end of life care in relation to adult services.

The Council continues to offer a service to all concerns raised in relation to children and their families.

Who we can help

Your needs must usually be critical or substantial to receive Social Care services. We offer many other services without the need for an assessment. Find out if you may have critical or substantial needs.

We have to give priority to the people who are at the most risk. Find out how we assess your needs.

Make a referral online

You can use our online form if you want to contact Social Care Direct for yourself or another adult. There are four options in this form

  1. Ask for support from the Council
  2. Make a change to support you already receive
  3. Change information you have provided in an outstanding request
  4. Ask a question or provide information

Apply online for yourself 

Apply for family, friend or anonymously

Apply as a professional

Reporting a death

To report the death of someone who was getting support from the Council


0131 200 2324

Or email Social Care Direct

Referring more than one person

To refer more than one person to Social Care Direct complete a form for each person separately.