Carers' and parents' guide to children's rights in early years

An introduction to children's rights

Your child, and all children under the age of 18, have a special set of human rights. These are called children’s rights, and they are written in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Beyond basic human rights, the UNCRC recognises that children need additional rights to protect them from harm and outlines what they need to grow up happy, healthy and safe.

You can read a simplified version of the rights your child is entitled to on the Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland web pages.

Parents and carers are recognised by the UNCRC as being the most important advocates for children's rights.

Adults working in public sectors such as education, health and social care and local government also have a responsibility to make sure children’s rights are met, respected and championed and are referred to in the UNCRC as 'Duty Bearers'.

Guide for parents and carers

We have created a guide to help parents and carers learn more about children’s rights.

Part one

  • gives a brief introduction to children’s rights and why they matter
  • highlights the rights your child is entitled to
  • outlines the Government’s ambition for children’s rights in Scotland.

Read Part One - Carers' and parents' guide to children's rights in early years

Part two explains

  • how babies and young children can experience their rights in an Early Years settings
  • the rights of children with additional support needs
  • what parents and carers can do to support children's rights at home.

Read Part Two - Carers' and  parents' guide to children's rights in early years

Further support

You can find more support for all parents and carers around Children’s Rights in the Parent Club’s UNCRC Booklet, produced by the Scottish Government.