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Catchment area maps

Every household in Edinburgh has a catchment area. The catchment area determines which schools you will be given a priority place. Going to a nearby school or nursery class or one which works with the school does not give you a priority place.

Find which schools are in your catchment area by using our interactive catchment map below.

Check what the catchment areas are for each school by downloading catchment maps below. 

Your nearest school may not be your catchment school.

Most addresses have four catchment schools

  • non-denominational (ND) primary school
  • non-denominational secondary school
  • Roman Catholic (RC) primary school
  • Roman Catholic secondary school.

Changes to catchment areas

Any change to a school's catchment area is subject to a statutory consultation.

View current and closed consultations on the Consultation Hub.

Read about proposed new schools and associated catchment area changes.

Interactive map

Use the map below to find catchment schools for an address.

To get an accurate result, please click on the down arrow ▽ and select 'Edinburgh Council CAG'.

It is important to enter the property number and street name, because some streets are covered by more than one catchment area.

Similarly, do not search on a postcode only, as some postcodes are covered by more than one catchment area.

If you would like to view the whole catchment area for one particular school, please click on relevant school address box once you have obtained the results for your search.

View a mobile-friendly version of the map.

Download maps

Download maps of the city's catchment areas - PDFs