Monitoring and evaluation


Annual Report

We will prepare an annual report on how the LEZ is working and how effective it is.

We will collect the data and financial information from 1 June to 31 May. We will present the report each Autumn to the relevant Council committee before sharing with Scottish Ministers and publishing it on these web pages.

Transport Scotland's LEZ Guidance says that, as a minimum, we must include this information in the report:

  • scheme size
  • boundary location
  • vehicle scope
  • date the scheme was introduced introduction
  • start and end dates of any grace period
  • summary of how the LEZ is working and how effective it is including
    • costs of proposing, making and running the LEZ
    • number and details of penalties (fines) we have issued
    • number of appeals we have received, and a summary of what we decided
    • the amount of money we have gathered from operating the LEZ (gross and net revenue)
    • details of how we have used that money to achieve our goals (objectives of the LEZ)
  • any changes that we may have made to the LEZ in the 12 months that we are reporting on.

Financial accounts

We will keep and publish annual financial accounts on the LEZ for as long as it is in place. This will show:

  • all the costs of proposing, making and running the LEZ
  • any funding we get from Scottish Government towards running it.

Any money that we make from the LEZ once operating costs are covered will be invested in transport projects which make Edinburgh greener and healthier, and give people more ways to get about.