Low Emission Zones (LEZ) monitoring and evaluation

Objectives and monitoring

We will monitor and evaluate the LEZ against objectives which were agreed by the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee. This includes how much the LEZ contributes towards meeting the air quality objectives set out in Section 87(1) of the Environment Act (1995) and reducing emissions to meet part 1 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. We will also

  • measure the impact of traffic across the city as driver’s change their behaviour

  • aim to reduce the impacts and support people to change the way they travel

  • measure the number of people and businesses that receive LEZ support funding
  • check that the LEZ is working towards these goals we have set for air quality, climate change and traffic.


LEZ awareness and understanding 

  • June 2022 report summarises perspectives towards LEZ, from a representative sample of 600 drivers interviewed in Edinburgh. 
  • June 2023 report repeats the survey from 2022 and includes an additional representative sample of van drivers in Edinburgh.
  • April 2024 report repeats the survey for individual drivers in 2022 and 2023.

LEZ compliance rates 

External air quality data and guidance