Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

Why Edinburgh needs an LEZ

Edinburgh has made good progress in reducing levels of air pollution. However, there are still areas where certain pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), are higher than the legal standard.

Road traffic is the main source of harmful emissions that are damaging public health and contributing to climate change. We need to take further action.

Using scientific modelling of air quality and traffic, we found that a city centre low emission zone (LEZ) would reduce harmful emissions.

We have been working with the Scottish Government and the three other major cities in Scotland to:

  • reduce harmful emissions from road traffic, to improve air quality and protect public health
  • make public transport, and active ways of travelling the best options
  • strive for net zero emissions from transport across the city by 2030.

We are taking action to protecting public health from harmful transport emissions, with other complementary measures such as the diesel surcharge for parking permit holders.