Low Emission Zones (LEZ) exemptions

Local exemptions

According to the LEZ laws, we may grant local temporary (‘time-limited’) exemptions for a vehicle or type of vehicle for up to one year. We will only do this on a case-by-case basis, in exceptional circumstances and considering the impacts we identify in relation to the LEZ objectives. This is to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles, to protect public health from air pollution and address climate change.

We've decided to take this approach as there are

We do recognise that there may be exceptional circumstances where a local ‘time-limited’ exemption may be permitted.

A Local Exemption Advisory Panel (LEZ-LEAP) will meet four times a year to review applications. It will meet in March, June, September and December.

Personal vehicles may not apply for LEZ local exemptions. 

Taxis and private hire vehicles are not covered by LEZ local exemptions. The taxi policy is outlined here.

Please fill in this form if the organisation you represent wishes to be considered for a local time-limited exemption and is not eligible for a national exemption.