Charlotte Square public realm improvements

The Edinburgh City Centre Transformation delivery plan recognised the importance of completing public realm improvements at Charlotte Square. It forms a strategic link connecting City Centre West to East Cycle Link (CCWEL) with the George Street and the First New Town public realm improvements (GNT) project. 

The original Traffic and Redetermination Orders (TRO) were approved in October 2014. These are required to deliver the public realm improvements. CCWEL is under construction completing in 2023, including the Charlotte Square connection from Randolph Place. 

The original planning application is available here.

There is urgent road and footpath maintenance work needed around Charlotte Square. As a result we intend to deliver improvements in several phases

  1. Phase 1 - realignment of parking bays
  2. Phase 2 - capital maintenance renewal works for carriageway and footways and potentially lighting improvements
  3. Phase 3 - CCWEL interim cycle scheme for the missing link between George Street and CCWEL
  4. Phase 4 - remaining public realm improvements which include 
    • levels changes 
    • upgrade of inner-ring footways 
    • new civic space area 
    • final changes to traffic operations. 

Phase 1 - realignment of parking bays

Phase 1 will include the removal of parking bays from the inner section of Charlotte Square. Also, the realignment of these bays to the outer edges to correspond with the new TRO. 

These works must have 

  • temporary traffic management
  • removal of existing lining
  • creation of new parking bays including disabled
  • changes to the existing parking signage.

Works will start in September 2022 and in addition we will be preparing a detailed project delivery plan to deliver the remaining public realm improvements which will be published shortly.