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On this page you will find details of all Orders that have recently been advertised and where comments or objections are being invited as part of the legal process.

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ETRO/21/21 Corstorphine Area Introduce various measures on an experimental basis 23 November 2023 View ETRO/21/21
TRO/21/18 Various roads

Proposed introduction and amendment of waiting restrictions, loading prohibitions, parking places and parking holiday dates

24 November 2023 View TRO/21/18
TRO/22/03 Various roads Proposed introduction removal and amendment of Disabled Persons Parking Places 24 November 2023 View TRO/22/03
TRO/23/07 Telford Road and House O’Hill Road Area

Proposed waiting restrictions and loading prohibitions

24 November 2023 View TRO/23/07
RSO/23/08 Telford Road and House O’Hill Road Area

Proposed redetermination of carriageway to footway

24 November 2023 View RSO/23/08
ETRO/23/13 Various roads Introduce bus lanes, waiting restrictions and loading prohibitions by way of an experiment 11 December 2023 View ETRO/23/13

If you wish to comment or make a formal objection, please respond before the end date shown in each Order. It may not be possible to consider the content of any correspondence received after those dates.

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