Roadworks and travel disruption

We’re responsible for co-ordinating all work on public roads in Edinburgh. We work hard to make sure this is done safely, with minimum disruption and that road structures are protected.

Real-time travel updates and delays

Find real-time updates on traffic and travel delays on our Edintravel X account (formerly Twitter) Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm.

Traffic Scotland provides updates about trunk roads, including motorways and the City Bypass.

Planned roadworks, closures and emergency works

Visit the Roadworks Scotland website for a map of programmed and emergency works in Edinburgh. The map includes work being done by us, utility companies and construction companies.

Download our list of planned roadworks, events and road closures. It’s updated Monday to Friday but does not include emergency works or roadworks being done by public utility companies and construction companies.

Public utility works

Public utility companies such as gas, water, electricity and telecommunications are responsible for digging holes in the road to maintain their apparatus or installing new assets. They are also responsible for re-laying the road after they’ve completed their work and making sure it is high quality, safe and has a six year warranty. 

Public utility companies are legally required to display a sign at their works indicating their name and their 24 hour contact telephone number.

The Council is responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing roads or footway surfaces and other Council-maintained assets.

Comments, queries and complaints about roadworks should be directed to the organisation that is responsible for the work. 

Visit the Roadworks Scotland website for work done by utility and construction companies.

Major local authority projects

Find more information on the Council's major active travel and transformation projects: