Report incorrectly parked vehicles

If a vehicle is parked 

  • on yellow lines
  • at a bus stop
  • in parking bays

when they should not be then you can let us know.

Report incorrectly parked vehicles

A parking attendant can be sent to check and will issue a parking ticket if the vehicle is incorrectly parked. The vehicle may be impounded if it is causing an obstruction to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Parking attendants will not always be able to attend right away if they're busy elsewhere but will attend as soon as they are able. Please do not send us multiple requests about the same vehicle / location.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist if a vehicle is

  • parked across a dropped kerb
  • on a pavement
  • at a boxed junction
  • double parked
  • causing a hazard

and there are no parking bays or yellow lines. Police Scotland may be able to help and can be contacted on their non-emergency number


Search public roads in Edinburgh

While we will investigate every report and take enforcement action where appropriate, we will not be able respond or feedback to customers.