Report a street light problem

This form is not for reporting road traffic signal issues - please visit report road traffic signal issues page.

Street lighting emergencies 

Examples of emergency issues include

  • missing panels / door
  • exposed wiring
  • hanging light covers
  • a burning or smoking light
  • lamp posts damaged by a road traffic accident
  • anything liable to cause harm or damage to a person or property.

If the problem is an emergency, a threat to safety or more than five consecutive lights are dark in one area, it is crucial that we attend these quickly.  So, please use our emergency contact number and let us know as soon as possible

  • 0131 608 1100 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 3.30pm Friday select option 1, then option 2 then 6. The call with then transfer to customer contact advisor.
  • Outside these hours, please call 0131 200 2000 to report these.

For all other issues please use our online form

Report a street light problem

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