Report a gully problem

Please use this form to report issues with the blocked gully also known as a road drain or siever.  Examples of problems:

Road drain examples

Before submitting your form please first check the list of common issues associated with gully requests that are not managed by the drainage team


1. Leaves on the roadReporting leaves on the road  

Where there is a built up of leaves or dirt on the road and it is covering the top of the gully or nearby, then please email and request “sweeping of the road channel" at the relevant location, ideally providing photographs.


Problem with house drain2. Reporting an issue with house downpipes

 Faulty or blocked downpipes are the homeowners responsibility. 

 If the property is a Council property please contact Housing Service on 0131 200 2345.If you are living in a building which has a shared maintenance responsibility, please contact the Shared Repair Team on 0131 529 6778 who may be able to assist.

Sewage overflow

3. Reporting problems with sewage

If there is raw sewage present this is not a roads drainage issue.  If this is within the property it is the property owner’s responsibility, if it's outwith the property boundary it is generally Scottish Water.  You can contact Scottish Water to report a problem with a building's external sewage drain


If it is none of the above, then please report gully issue here

Report a gully problem

You don't have to use myaccount, but if you want to keep track of your request, you'll need to register with mygovscot myaccount.

Gully emergencies

If the issue is an immediate threat to safety please use call 0800 23 23 23  Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm and Friday 8am to 3.40pm 0131 200 2000 weekdays 5pm to 8am and weekends. Examples of gully emergencies include: • Water leaving the road and flooding property. • Water significantly covering the road and preventing safe passage