Household waste recycling centres

What you can bring

We’ve changed how we manage our household waste recycling centres, including their layouts. This is to keep you and our staff safe and reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Staff will ask what items you have and advise you to wait for an area to become free. You will then be asked to drive to a numbered area where you can deposit your items.

The following items can be accepted at recycling centres, although they may be in different skips or locations to the previous layout:

  • garden waste: flowers, plants, garden weeds, grass clippings, hedge trimmings and leaves
  • bricks, rubble and loose soil
  • solid wood
  • MDF and laminates
  • household batteries
  • vehicle batteries
  • lithium ion batteries - please note these should be kept separate
  • packaging: empty aerosols, aluminium foil, cans, any cardboard, envelopes, food tins and plastic bottles
  • paper: magazines, newspaper, shredded paper, telephone directories and all other types of white paper
  • carpet
  • metal
  • gas bottles - must be empty
  • light bulbs - only energy saving or fluorescent tubes
  • large electrical equipment: washing machines, dishwashers and cookers
  • fridges and freezers - only domestic, household types
  • small electrical equipment: irons, hairdryers, IT or telephone equipment, tools and game consoles
  • glass jars and bottles
  • mattresses
  • paint pots - paint must be dried out by adding sand, sawdust or cat litter until solid
  • tyres
  • TV and monitors
  • engine and cooking oil
  • garden hand tools
  • textiles and bras: all clothing, paired footwear, handbags and belts
  • books, films, music: originals only - sorry not accepted at Seafield
  • household waste that cannot be recycled known as non recyclable waste.

What you can't bring

We can't accept any

  • liquid paint - all paint must be dried out or have sand or cat litter added
  • fuels: petrols and diesel
  • explosives: fireworks, flares and airbags
  • firearms
  • fire extinguishers
  • diving bottles - for scuba diving
  • poisons
  • asbestos or materials containing asbestos
  • biological waste
  • heavy metals: mercury, thermometers and barometers
  • any commercial or trade waste.

If you have any of the above, please contact a licenced specialist waste management company for safe disposal. Find out more at Resource Efficient Scotland.

We cannot accept items for re-use. Find out how to re-use household items.

Find out what to do with many items on Recycle for Scotland.

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