Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise Car Club offers people in Edinburgh short term vehicle hire on a pay as you go basis. You can hire by the hour, day or week to meet your mobility demands.

Join the Enterprise Car Club

There are more than 170 vehicles, shown on a map of all existing Enterprise Car Club vehicles, across the city and include:

  • small city cars
  • estate cars
  • 7 seater vehicles 
  • vans 
  • electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

There are also automatic and manual vehicles available to suit your needs.  

All liveried Enterprise Car Club vehicles get two hours free parking in:

  • pay and display parking places
  • shared use parking places
  • permit holders parking places across all zones.

Vehicles are available 24/7, 365 days of the year and you can reserve online or by phone.

You can also request a car club vehicle near you if there's not one close by. All requests will be considered by Enterprise for possible future locations.

Please note your details will be stored and shared with Enterprise Car Club who will be administering future applications.

Electric vehicles

Enterprise Car Club are adding around 70 electric vehicles to the fleet in Edinburgh and the Council is putting in electric vehicle charging points in car club bays across the city. You may need to park car club cars elsewhere during these works.

Please check signage and the vehicle notes in booking confirmation emails.

You can find out more about the electric vehicle works and timetable on Enterprise Car Club blog. If you have any questions, please email Enterprise Car Club customer support.

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