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Get help with heating your home in winter

Older woman sitting in front of radiator with fuel bill in her hand.

In winter, and with fuel prices rising, many people are worried about the cost of heating their homes.

Cold homes can make people ill and put them at greater risk of falls, especially older or vulnerable people. It can

  • make them physically ill, including respiratory infections
  • lead to hypothermia or even death
  • affect mobility
  • worsen symptoms of arthritis
  • decrease strength and dexterity
  • affect mental health, which can have a long-term impact on wellbeing. 

Where you can get help

If you know of an older or vulnerable person whose home feels cold when you visit, you can support them to get in touch with Warmer Winter - Home Energy Scotland for advice on ways to reduce fuel bills.

Contact Social Care Direct if you have concerns that someone may be at risk of harm because their home is too cold

0131 200 2324.

If you have concerns that someone is showing signs of hypothermia phone


Signs of hypothermia include

  • shivering
  • pale and dry skin
  • slurred speech
  • confusion
  • slower breathing.