Improving Neighbourhoods

Magdalene improvements

A renovation programme is underway in Magdalene to make improvements to housing blocks at 14 – 28 Magdalene Drive and 19 in Magdalene Gardens. These repairs will benefit residents by making homes safer, warmer and more comfortable. They will also improve the look of the overall environment and quality of life of people living there.

The scope of works includes

  1. Extending roof edges
  2. Replacing roof coverings
  3. Repairing existing render
  4. Installing external wall insulation
  5. Painting the common stairs
  6. Replacing common windows and doors
  7. Ensuring there are clear paths to the front door
  8. Reviewing security to reduce anti-social behaviour
  9. Improvements to bin facilities, car parking areas and common courtyards.

Longer term plans are also being developed to make environmental improvements to the surrounding land. These projects would benefit the local community and environment, for example ideas could include the potential to develop the land into community growing plots or parks. We are at an early stage in planning how we will develop this land. However, it’s important for us to involve the local community in discussions about what to do with the land. We’ll consult you before making any decisions.


Workshops took place with the local community in 2019 and 2020 to get feedback on their priorities for the improvements.  It is anticipated that all works will begin in 2022, subject to approval.  Check back regularly for updates to timescales.  

Consultation on phase 2 of the proposed improvements to common stair areas, will begin in early 2022.

As an owner and local authority landlord, the Council has an obligation to maintain and repair homes for our tenants. We also share responsibility with other owners to maintain common areas of blocks.


Owners, including the Council, in mixed tenure tenements are responsible for paying their share towards repairs and maintenance to common areas of the block.

We’ll send owners a cost estimate before any work starts and an invoice for their share of the work once complete (this will usually be within three months of the work finishing). Depending on your personal circumstances, owners may be eligible for grant funding towards the cost of some of the work, which we will arrange on your behalf. Contact your case officer for initial help unless this is financial advice. The Council cannot provide financial advice. You need to contact your own financial advisor for this.

We understand that owners will be concerned about the cost of the repairs and how you will pay for this. Information about the financial support available to you is on our website and options might include:

  • Using savings or other assets
  • Seeking financial advice before taking out a loan; or
  • Consider a payment plan with the Council – be aware of the terms of the debt re-payment plan and compare this to an external loan arrangement

We would recommend you seek independent legal advice as the Council cannot provide financial advise.

Further information

If you have any questions call

0131 529 6183 or email


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