Improving Neighbourhoods

Lochend and Restalrig

Essential repairs are planned for 238 blocks of flats in Lochend and Restalrig. These repairs will benefit residents by making their homes safer, warmer and more comfortable. They’ll also improve the overall look of the buildings and local area and the quality of life of people living in them. The repairs project is being managed by our Mixed Tenure Improvement Service (MTIS) which aims to improve the property condition of blocks of flats which include both privately owned flats and Council owned flats - we refer to these blocks as mixed tenure blocks. 

The potential scope of works:

  • Extend roof edges
  • Replace roof coverings
  • Repair existing render
  • Install external wall insulation
  • Paint the common stairs
  • Replace common windows and doors
  • Ensure there are clear paths to the front door
  • Review security to reduce anti-social behaviour


The project will be delivered in phases with construction proposed to start in summer 2024. We will keep residents of each block updated throughout the entire process.

Find more detailed information on the phases. Please note dates are subject to change, please check regularly for any changes to dates. 

Information and costs for owners

The Council owns homes in the Lochend and Restalrig area and as a landlord we have an obligation to maintain and repair homes for our tenants. We also share responsibility with other owners to maintain common areas of blocks.

Owners, including the Council, in mixed tenure properties are responsible for paying their share towards repairs and maintenance to common areas of the block.

Owners will be sent a cost estimate for their share of the work and be asked to vote on going ahead with the proposed work. If the majority of owners agree to it then work will go ahead and owners will be sent an invoice within three months of the work being completed.

We understand that owners will be concerned about the cost of the repairs and how you will pay for this. Options might be available including

  • using savings or other assets
  • seeking financial advice before taking out a loan
  • consider a payment plan with the Council - be aware of the terms of the debt re-payment plan and compare this to an external loan arrangement.

We would recommend you seek independent legal and financial advice as the Council cannot provide such advice and we want you to be fully aware of the options open to you for this work.

Find more information on the process for owners.

Further information

Find your case officers contact details or email