Improving Neighbourhoods

Moredun improvements

We’re carrying out repairs on the six high rise blocks in Moredun to improve fire safety. We’re also planning to upgrade some communal areas, fire doors and facilities. These repairs will improve the quality of life for residents  and the look of the overall environment.

Phase one

The first phase of the proposed works is to replace the AOV smoke vents which disperse smoke in corridors and stairwells in the event of a fire. This work will include replacing the external panel below the communal windows, replacement of common stair windows and repairs to the bin room roof.

We’ve written to people who own flats in the high rise blocks to explain how this work affects them and what they need to do.

Future works - subject to approvals

Other proposed works, which are in the planning stage include

  1. Replacing the communal fire doors.
  2. Upgrading the entrance halls and wheelchair ramps to improve access and making the rear doors in the blocks automated for anyone who needs extra assistance.
  3. Upgrading and repairing windows in the properties which are owned by the Council. We’ve tested windows in a sample of properties for draughts and the results have confirmed that their air tightness meets regulations and performs well given their age. However, we’re planning to trial some short-term improvements, such as replacing window seals in some properties, to see if this will help reduce draughts and make homes more comfortable.
  4. Looking at ways we can improve the common areas and stairwells. We’ll be in touch over the coming months to get your feedback on any proposals.
  5. Looking at ways to improve the outdoor space in Moredun by investing in paths, play equipment, bins, seating and picnic areas, as well as looking at ways to develop unused land to turn it into greener spaces for plants and growing areas. It’s important local residents are involved in shaping these plans and we’ll be in touch in the coming months to get your feedback.


We started work to replace the smoke control vents on Moredun House and Marytree House in April. We’ll start work at Little France House in late June, working on one block at a time until all six buildings are completed.

We’ll update residents of each block before work starts. The work is expected to last up to 42 weeks and the contractor will keep you regularly updated on the progress.

Information and cost for owners

The Council owns homes within the high-rise blocks at Moredun and as a landlord the Council has an obligation to maintain and repair homes for our tenants. We also share responsibility with other owners to maintain common areas of blocks.

Owners, including the Council, in mixed tenure tenements are responsible for paying their share towards repairs and maintenance to common areas of the block.

We’ve contacted owners to seek their views, provide information on payment options and who to contact for further advice and information. Owners were sent a cost estimate for their share of the works and will be sent an invoice within three months of the work being completed.

We understand that owners will be concerned about the cost of the repairs and how you will pay for this. Options might be available include

  • using savings or other assets
  • seeking financial advice before taking out a loan; or
  • consider a payment plan with the Council - be aware of the terms of the debt re-payment plan and compare this to an external loan arrangement.

We would recommend you seek independent legal advice as the Council cannot provide financial advise.

Further information

If you have questions

Call 0131 529 5151

or email


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