Property enquiry certificates

A property enquiry certificate brings together information about a property that is often required when buying or selling a house. The seller's solicitor normally requests it as part of the property search.

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If you are buying or selling a house it is important to ensure that all the proper consents are in place for any work that has been carried out. This may include work that previous owners have done.

Details that will be in the certificates

Planning applications

Planning applications for the property since October 1990, whether it is

  • a listed building
  • in a conservation area
  • affected by article 4 direction
  • subject to an enforcement notice.

Building warrants

Any recent decisions on applications for the property.

Whether road access is adopted by the Council for maintenance and if the property is affected by any transport proposals.

Whether the land is in the contaminated land register.

Statutory notices

Statutory notices served under

  • the Civic Government legislation
  • the Edinburgh District Council Order Confirmation Act for repairs to the property
  • housing, environmental protection and health and safety legislation.