View and comment on planning applications

View and comment on planning applications

Find out how to make a valid comment in our guide on commenting on planning applications.

All drawings are subject to copyright laws, particularly copyright of the originator of the drawings, and can only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Any

  • reproduction
  • modification
  • commercial exploitation

of the content is unlawful and may be subject to legal proceedings by the copyright owner.

The public can also get involved in major development proposals before a planning application is submitted.

What you can comment on

Comments which are relevant to planning issues, such as

  • traffic and parking
  • appearance of the area
  • impact on a conservation area
  • setting or character of a listed building
  • loss of significant landscape features
  • noise and disturbance
  • effect of cooking odours
  • loss of sunlight or daylight
  • overshadowing
  • privacy.

These are known as material considerations.

We cannot consider comments on non relevant planning issues, such as

  • loss of private view
  • effect of the development on property values
  • building regulation matters
  • racist remarks.

Your comments cannot be treated as confidential. Our privacy notice sets out what happens to your details when you submit comments. You should note that your

  • name
  • address
  • stance

will be published on the public comments tab of the planning portal once a decision is made on the application.

We also have guidance on how to search, view and comment on applications using the planning portal. 

Planning help desk

The planning helpdesk is operating as an email service. You can contact us at