Apply for major development planning permission

Major developments

The processing of major development applications can be complex and involve more steps than smaller scale developments such as house extensions.

Pre-application screening opinion

If you are not sure if your development falls within the major or national categories you can complete a screening opinion.

Submit a pre-application screening noitce

Pre-application advice

If your development is a major development you should seek pre application advice in line with the Edinburgh Development Concordat. There is a charge for pre-application advice.

Pre-application consultation with communities

Proposals for national and major development require consultation with the community at least 12 weeks prior to an application being submitted. A proposal of application notice (PAN) must be submitted and approved by the Council.

Download forms and guidance for submitting major development planning applications - PDFs

Changes to pre-application consultation requirements set by the Scottish Government came into force 1 October 2022. The Town and Country Planning (Pre-Application Consultation) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2021 updates the consultation requirements and places an 18 month time limit on the submission of applications after the PAN.

Planning help desk

The Planning Help Desk is currently operating as an email service. You can contact us at