Privately owned trees and woodlands

Doing work to your trees

Urban trees

  • capture carbon
  • clean the air
  • reduce flooding
  • improve human health and wellbeing
  • improve the local economy 
  • support biodiversity.

They also make our towns more beautiful and enjoyable. A healthy, thriving, urban forest is crucial for the current and future liveability of our city. Before removing trees, please consider other management options that might allow them to be retained – every tree counts.

It is an offence to carry out work to a protected tree without permission. 

If you would like to do works to a tree, first check if the tree is protected by a tree preservation order or is in a conservation area.

Our interactive map below shows details of tree preservation orders and conservation areas. 

If you are using a tablet or smartphone please use the mobile friendly version of the map.

If the tree is protected, permission is needed to carry out any work on these trees. Before applying, download our protected tree guidance to help you make an application.

Apply for works to your tree