Planning guidelines

Planning guidelines give advice on topics to guide new development. 

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Edinburgh design guidance

The Edinburgh design guidance sets out our expectations for the design of new development, design of streets and parking standards in Edinburgh.

Use this guidance as a basis for the planning and design of new development proposals and for all street design. It is a material consideration in assessing planning applications.

Planning application guidance on flooding

The Council has statutory duties to reduce the risk of flooding. As part of these duties the Council must not permit development which has the potential to increase flood risk. View a range of flood risk guidance

We also have a range of guidance on sustainable rainwater management. From an individual householder, to a major developer, we all need to consider where rainwater should go. This guidance was commissioned to address the practical application of the Vision for Water Management in the City of Edinburgh.

Open Space 2021

Green spaces that are well cared for and well connected matter for our health, wildlife and economy.

Open Space 2021 is Edinburgh’s Strategy to protect, look after and expand the city's network of green spaces for the next five years. It is based upon an Open Space Audit.

The Strategy should be referred to for all developments that affect existing open space or give rise to the need for new open space provision.

Planning help desk

The Planning Help Desk is currently operating as an email service. You can contact us at