How to get a direct payment

What is a direct payment

Rather than receive Council services we can pay a direct payment to you for an equivalent amount. You can then organise your own care and support in a way that suits you. Contact Social Care Direct, or speak to your key worker, if you would like a direct payment.

It means you have more control over who supports you and how that support is provided.

The direct payment can be used

  • for care at home
  • instead of a day service or day centre
  • for respite or short breaks
  • to buy equipment to help you.

You can use a direct payment for all of your support needs, or just some of them and the rest the Council will arrange for you. You can only use the direct payment money to do the things in your care plan. You can choose a care agency or employ your own Personal Assistants (PAs).

For further information on direct payments, contact us on or 0131 469 3334.