Bus lane notices

Which vehicles can and cannot use bus lanes

Bus lanes and bus gates in Edinburgh can only be used by certain vehicles at specific times. Details of permitted vehicles and times of operation are shown on signs at the start of each bus lane and bus gate.

You will receive a £60 charge if you drive in a bus lane or through a bus gate when you are not allowed. This will be reduced to £30 if you pay your bus lane charge within 14 days of receiving your charge notice.

Different types of restriction are described below.

24 hour bus lanes

These are located at

  • Johnston Terrace
  • Bread Street
  • Inglis Green Road
  • Ocean Terminal
  • A90, west of Barnton Junction.

General traffic cannot use these at any time. They are for buses, taxis and cyclists only.

Bus gates

These are located at

  • The Jewel
  • Prestonfield Avenue
  • Little France Drive
  • Kirklands Park Street
  • Bankhead Drive.

Bus gates are restricted 24-hours a day and can only be used by

  • public service buses
  • taxis, but not private hire vehicles
  • pedal cyclists
  • emergency service vehicles.

Shore has a contra-flow bus lane and is restricted 24 hours a day. Taxis and motorcycles are not allowed to use this bus lane.

Peak hour bus lanes

A map of the bus lane cameras around the city is shown below. This is for information only. You should always comply with bus lane signs and markings when driving in Edinburgh. The Police can still take action against incorrect driving through bus lanes and bus gates anywhere in the city.

Peak time bus lanes generally operate from 7.30am to 9.30am and 4pm to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. During these times, only these vehicles may use them: 

  • public service vehicles
  • taxis, but not private hire vehicles
  • motorcycles
  • pedal cycles  
  • emergency service vehicles.

Any vehicle may use bus lanes outside the peak times during the week and at all times at weekends.

Signs are present at the start of each bus lane showing the restrictions and times of operation. Drivers should check signs and be aware of any changes.

Parking Services

Telephone: 0131 469 5400