Report a missed bin

Before you report your bin as being missed please check:

  • our current delays as of Friday 27 January at 5.00pm:
    • no delays to kerbside collections
  • your bin is out where it can be easily seen
  • your bin was on the kerbside from 6am until 10pm, your bin will not be classed as missed until after 10pm on your scheduled collection day
  • you have put your bin out on the right day - check your collection day
  • the lid is fully closed
  • the bin wasn't tagged as having the wrong items in it
  • access to the bin is not blocked by roadworks or parked cars.

If none of these reasons stopped us collecting your bin, please report it below and leave your bin out for collection. We'll come back within two working days. 

Customers who use communal bins, that are shared by several homes, should not use this form. Please report a full or overflowing communal bin.

You no longer have to use your mygovscot myaccountHowever, if you choose not to log in, you won't see the history of your missed bin requests on your mygovscot myaccount.

Report a missed bin

Contaminated bins

If your bin was labelled as contaminated, it had some items that do not belong in that bin. Please remove those items and put the bin out on your next collection day.

Bags left beside bins

We don't collect rubbish left beside bins as explained in our waste and cleansing policies.