Hepatitis C, HIV, BBV

Help and support for people with HIV, AIDS or Hep C

If you or someone you know is living with HIV, AIDS or Hep C our Social Work Team may be able to help. We offer a range of support to help you lead a full life in the community.

If you need support, contact Social Care Direct for advice or to ask us to assess your needs. This will be done in confidence.

Support includes

  • help in finding the right place to live and based upon your needs short or long term support if you are homeless or poorly housed
  • short term support in your own home to help you address issues in your life
  • counselling
  • making sure you get the money you are entitled to
  • helping you get other services, including support to find the right education, training or job.

The team also has a Social Worker for people living with Hep C. They will help you on a short term basis, around 16 weeks, to deal with issues that may be stopping you getting treatment.

You may also be interested in help if you or someone you know has a drug problem or if you care for someone with HIV, AIDS or Hep C.

The organisation Positive Help can give practical help such as transport and home support for people with HIV and AIDS.